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My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
09-16-2011, 07:53 AM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2011 12:43 AM by Marsh.)
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My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Hey guys,
This is a mod I made quite some time ago based on code from The Dark modnotes, The hell, and Hellfire: Fixed. Essentially I was trying to fix some of the bugs that were still in Hellfire 1.01 and add some new features that are part of the other mods like The Hell and The Dark mods; while still maintaining the vanilla Hellfire feel. In a way it's a bit like an updated Hellfire: Fixed. Although I didn't include many of the changes in Hellfire: Fixed that I didn't agree with.

Anyway I thought I'd upload it in case anyone else is interested in it.

To use it just make a fresh Hellfire v1.00 install from the cd and then install this patch to the folder. This mod also includes the updates from the 1.01 patch, and it works on Windows 7 operating systems (unlike the hellfire 1.01 patch executable).

Here's the same stuff in .zip format for anyone having trouble with the patcher above (unzip this archive into the folder of a fresh Hellfire install).

Then run the game using the Launcher.exe rather than the Hellfire.exe.

Here's the complete changelog

- Gillian the Barmaid now offers a Stash service to characters, run the game using loader.exe to enable it, and read the Stash Readme for more details
- Command.txt is now no longer required to activate Multiplayer mode, the Bard and Barbarian Character Classes and Theoquest, see section [3] for details on activating Cowquest in v1.02
- All players now appear on the automap in multiplayer if they are on the same dungeon level
- Friendly Fire can now be toggled on and off for missile weapons and spells using the Player Friendly/Player Attack button in addition to melee attacks as in previous versions, see section [3] for more details on reverting this change
- Experience points are now shared between all players on the same dungeon level when a monster is killed
- Multiplayer Savegames are now saved in a computer independent way, and can therefore be moved from computer to computer as with Singleplayer savegames, they are still saved in the C:\windows\system folder as hidden files named hrinfo_#.drv
- The ending movie now no longer plays after killing Diablo, see section [3] for more details on how to reenable the ending movie
- Diablo always drops a random magical item in multiplayer and the Undead Crown in singleplayer
- UDP network protocol is now supported in multiplayer, this enables players with modern operating systems that do not support IPX to play multiplayer games over LAN or Hamachi
- DiabloClicker has been included with the patch, this program can be run in the background to allow players to hold down the mouse button rather than having to repeatedly click it

- Fixed the Random Reseed, this allows for more random monster behaviour and to-hit chance, making long missing streaks less likely to occur
- Characters will no longer block magical attacks to which they have any resistance, this will help prevent characters from getting stuck in their blocking animation
- Monsters now regenerate at a noticable rate, this rate is double in Nightmare and doubled again in Hell difficulty
- Fixed bug with Splash Attack code so that characters will now have a reduced to-hit chance and damage on the two additional targets
- Fixed bug that caused monsters AC to wrap around to 0 in Hell diffulty, now monsters will have very high AC in Hell
- Fixed bug which prevented players with a version of DirectX greater than v3 from changing their volume in game
- Fixed Doppleganger prefix to no longer work on golems, as this could crash the game
- Fixed Barbarian's Rage skill so that it no longer removes life, as this was very buggy and life could be returned by moving items in your inventory
- Mana Shield now no longer subtracts too much life when it is removed through damage
- Mana Shield now no longer becomes worse at reducing damage taken as the spell level increases, now all levels of Mana Shield have a 33% damage reduction
- Flash now deals the correct amount of damage to monsters in all 9 possible locations around the caster
- The Jog/Walk in town option now works in Multiplayer mode
- All oils can now drop in Multiplayer mode
- All shrines can now occur in Multiplayer mode
- The Enchanted Shrine effect can now be obtained from Cauldrons and Goat Shrines beyond dungeon level 8
- Black Deaths now no longer remove a point of Max Life when they hit a character
- Fascinating, Sacred and Ornate Shrines now remove a point of the Magic stat rather than reducing Maximum Mana by 10%
- King Leoric can now resurrect skeletons in Multiplayer mode as well as Singleplayer
- The Warlord of Blood quest now occurs on dungeon level 13 in Multiplayer mode as well as in Singleplayer mode (I noticed after testing that reactivating this one quest for multiplayer was possible without causing any significant desynching problems. Any other quests do seem to cause problems).
- Balrog AI has been improved so that they no longer pause for several seconds when deciding between casting Inferno or attacking in melee
- Unique monsters that were set to spawn on dungeon levels where their base monster could not appear have been corrected
- Unique monsters have been added to the Hives and the Crypts levels
- Many weapon prefixes and suffixes could not appear on staves in previous versions, these have now been added to staves to give Monks more weapons options. The "of blocking" suffix can now appear on staves as well as shields again to give monks more options
- Due to errors in the Unique Item data table such as many unique items of the same base item type sharing the same ilevel, and many unique items have an ilevel lower than the ilevel of their base item type it was very difficult or impossible for many unique items to drop, these errors have been corrected so that all unique items have a fairly even chance of dropping on all difficulty levels in Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes

- To enable Cowquest, rename the file "cowquestoff.dat" to "cowqueston.dat"
- To revert the changes to friendly fire add the following lines to the cowquest*.dat using Notepad
start Hellfirev1.02 "No Friendly Fire Change"
432487 E99C6FFDFF9090909090909090 80B83D010000000F85DF020000
for this to work the file must be named "cowqueston.dat", cowquest can then be disabled by placing # at the start of each of the original lines in the .dat file.
- To allow the end game movie to play after defeating Diablo, insert the following lines in the cowquest*.dat as above
start HellfireV1.02 "Enable Ending Movie"
43DE62 E6 6E
43D1A1 E6 6E
43F0A9 E6 6E

Firstly I'd like to thank Zamal and Zenda for creating the Dark mod and more importantly the Dark mod notes, without which none of this would have been possible.
Second I would like to thank the dark modding forum, which I have lurked in for many years to take inspiration from.I would also like to thank Mordor and the Hell mod team, for the Friendly Fire code
Crystallion and Moe St Evergreen for numerous Hellfire Bugfixes, and the creator of Hellfire: Fixed for his unique monsters, the black death health loss fix and a few other inspirations.

If anyone has not been mentioned here please accept my humblest of apologies, and contact me so that I can make greater mention of you here. Literally nothing in this patch could have been done on my own without having other mods like the Dark, the Hell and Hellfire: Fixed to reverse engineer code changes from.
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09-16-2011, 08:16 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Hi, it says: Hellfire.exe: unknown version when I try to install it, although it is a fresh 1.00 version. Any idea?
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09-18-2011, 12:44 AM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
(09-16-2011 08:16 PM)Rudra Wrote:  Hi, it says: Hellfire.exe: unknown version when I try to install it, although it is a fresh 1.00 version. Any idea?

Just added a .zip file version to my first post. Hopefully that will solve any issues people have with using that patcher.
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09-19-2011, 06:09 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Thanks for your Post.

Warlord of Blood is the Quest I miss most in MP.
Of course I'm trying this Big Grin
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09-27-2011, 09:27 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Thanks, I consider your mod a multiplayer mod in the first place, so I'll propose it for our next IM. Smile
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09-28-2011, 11:39 AM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Congratulations Smile

I always thought that enabling Leoric's resurrect ability and the Warlord of Blood quest in MP gives problems. Did you test this with 2 or more players in the game?
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09-29-2011, 08:11 AM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Well I wouldn't say those changes are completely bug free but I only found minor visual bugs. I tested with 3 players the leoric mp resign can cause some visual desynch with skeletons; sometimes skeleton sprites will remain standing on some monitors after they die but I didn't think it was serious enough to counteract the coolness of having him ressing his posse.

With multiplayer quests, usually I found that they caused ver annoying desynch problems where players would become invisible to each other or unable to pick up items, which I though were game breaking. However, I tried just adding a few of them at a time and I eventually found that the warlord of blood doesn't seem to cause many problems of that kind that I could find. Of course that's not to say that some people might not have problems so if people have trouble with it I'm happy to make a version with the warlord of blood inactive again.
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11-08-2011, 03:24 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
We used the mod for an ironman game last week. There are some features which I recall as quite beneficial for multiplayer games.

Above all, the friendly fire innovation makes things a lot more comfortable. No annoying accidents in PvM games anymore, because the rogue can shoot through her partners. However, I take it for granted that there are two factions with different philosophies in this case.

Seeing other players on the automap: that saves all the explanations about where your teammate(s) can find you and vice versa with that always consufing data like horizontally, up, left, vertically, diagonally etc. Nice. However, if I remember correctly, the marks disappear at a certain distance. Apart from that, would it be possible to also implement a shared automap?

Leoric spawns skeletons. Heart
Black Deaths don't remove life. Heart
LAN over UDP. Heart

Exp sharing: a tricky point. While it is quite enjoyable in games which you want to take easy, it may be found to breach the spirit of ironman games too clearly. There seems to be a bug, if it doesn't arise from the structure of the solution itself: we expected to have the same exp at any time of the game, but actually there were slight differences.

All in all, the changes we've seen so far provide an interesting change of perspective, but are still no guarantee of success. I think we'll stick to this mod for now and hope to discover the rest of it next time.
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12-10-2011, 08:42 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Wow, thanks for all the hard work Marsh ! I will return here after playing for the feedback ! Will you continue fixing bugs, any further plans ?
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12-19-2011, 07:11 AM (This post was last modified: 12-24-2011 06:59 PM by Belix.)
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
This looks promising, especially the fixes for some of the issues that were still present in good ol' Hellfire Fixed. I think I'll try this out.

I was wondering though... did you retain some of the SFX and animation changes that Hellfire Fixed made? As I recall some of the original squealy, screechy monster sounds were replaced by some of Diablo's original sounds, and some of the death animations were sped up because they were awfully slow.

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

p.s. I noticed Hellfire Fixed didn't seem to address the Balrog's Inferno starting one square too far out; the Balrog never hits an adjacent player with the breath attack. Not sure if you caught that bug as I didn't see it in your list here.
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12-20-2011, 12:01 AM (This post was last modified: 12-20-2011 12:12 AM by voxvox.)
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Hello I have problems with making the patch work:
Apparently it installs it, but I cannot see any new feature: no Gillian's stash, no transportable multiplayer files...
(I can see UDP multiplaying but not tried it, yet)

(the Launcher.exe does not exists. There is loader.exe but it won't run (he asks for the diablo CD even if there is the iso correctly mounted). I always clicked hellfire.exe

Any ideas?
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12-21-2011, 01:29 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Hey, it seems that everything (aside from stash) is working.

I still can't run the loader.exe!!! Sad((
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01-07-2012, 05:00 PM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2012 11:42 PM by IceMage.)
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
I was installing your mod and ran into a bit of an unexpected problem. I wasn't paying attention to my battery charge and during the install process my laptop battery died on me. Now when I try to reinstall the mod it gives me some error message with a LOT of random characters. Does anybody know how I can fix this and get the mod installed correctly?
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01-10-2012, 02:43 AM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
(01-07-2012 05:00 PM)IceMage Wrote:  I was installing your mod and ran into a bit of an unexpected problem. I wasn't paying attention to my battery charge and during the install process my laptop battery died on me. Now when I try to reinstall the mod it gives me some error message with a LOT of random characters. Does anybody know how I can fix this and get the mod installed correctly?

REMEMBER: *ALWAYS* make a back up first!

Have fun hacking your way through the registry?
Then delete what files it has already put in the directory.
If that doesn't work then I don't know what will.
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01-13-2012, 03:13 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
After installing Hellfire, I patched right to this. I do not know much about coding, how do I enable the stash feature in my game? I assume loader.exe is a program I do not have?
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01-13-2012, 09:50 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
(01-13-2012 03:13 PM)wkd1 Wrote:  After installing Hellfire, I patched right to this. I do not know much about coding, how do I enable the stash feature in my game? I assume loader.exe is a program I do not have?

I think you are talking about Ulmo's Diablo Stash. Below are links to the threads that he posted about it. His links are dead to the files though. I can email you the files. Send me a PM.

When you install WoW, you un-install Life. -HaJaRoW
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01-13-2012, 10:21 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
Hey wkd1,

you should install this mod from the zip version - you find the link in the first post -, which already contains the stash (I think the exe version doesn't).
Loader.exe will start the game with stash then.
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01-15-2012, 06:50 AM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
(01-13-2012 10:21 PM)Rudra Wrote:  Hey wkd1,

you should install this mod from the zip version - you find the link in the first post -, which already contains the stash (I think the exe version doesn't).
Loader.exe will start the game with stash then.

I see, thank you!
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02-12-2012, 07:43 PM
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod

Thanks for this update, really enjoying it so far, I'll post some more feedback once Ive had a chance to play more.

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02-20-2012, 12:55 AM (This post was last modified: 02-20-2012 12:59 AM by Belix.)
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RE: My Unofficial Hellfire 1.02 Mod
(Long, verbose post with several paragraphs. You were warned!)

Now that I've had a chance to complete one full game on Normal difficulty with this mod, I wanted to share some thoughts on it. My overall impression is quite positive. While I realize the author, Marsh, didn't make it clear if he'd consider working on this any further, I also want to offer some suggestions for other issues the mod might address.

What's great about it

I've played many games with Rogue partners, and while I've always appreciated Diablo's relatively high difficulty compared to many of the ARPGs that followed, I've never much cared for the guilt and blame associated with slaying fellow players in the heat of battle, or suddenly discovering that my new purpose in life is to be a walking quiver.

So, despite the fact that the removal of friendly fire removes one element of strategy from the game in positioning your character not to hit teammates, and trying not to obstruct bow/spell users line of fire, I found it rather refreshing to simply dash around and hack things to pieces with no worry whatsoever about being annihilated by one shot from a Rogue's elemental bow. This was my first time playing a Barbarian in Hellfire, and I don't think I ever would of considered it without FF disabled!

I can see this being of some concern to someone playing as or with sorcerous types, as Friendly Fire is really the only thing preventing multiplayer Sorcerers and Bards from eradicating rooms full of foes in seconds. I suppose they could switch to Player Hostile to ensure spells damage friends, if they can't otherwise restrain their destructive potential.

To be fair, I admit to not being a big fan of mods that change the functionality or gameplay in any major way, and I seldom ever transfer items between my own characters, preferring to build them all up individually. In that light, I can't say I'm too crazy about the included stash plug-in for the purposes of transferring items between characters. I do, however, appreciate being given that option, even if I won't use it. I like options.

That said, as a pack rat that would usually fill the town with extra items every game until it was time to stop, keep what seemed most useful and sell the rest off, I cannot understate how much I appreciate having this stash feature. No more worries about items lost forever due to loss of connectivity or power. No more hauling around 140,000 gold just in case Griswold or Wirt sell something invaluable. Thanks for including this, Marsh! I didn't even know it existed.

This needs no explanation really. Due to a quirk in Diablo's engine, however, you will see arrows for other players in incorrect locations while they are transferring between levels. The arrow will mark their previous location on the level they're coming from relative to the current level. But as soon as they're free of the loading screen it resumes working properly.

Other thoughts

It's neat that one of the single player only quests works properly in multiplayer, but should it be enabled just because it can be? The results may yield mixed reactions from players. Some of you may view these as pros, others cons.

In single player, most quests had a 50% chance of being present or active in any one game. In multiplayer, this chance is 100%. That means that Level 13 (Hell 1) will always contain the Warlord of Blood, and as a result, much like Level 15 (Hell 3, Lazarus) the layout of the level will be about identical each time you play the game. Furthermore, that also means that groups of Steel Knights will always be present as one of the level's foes, and that there's always going to be a ton of magical loot guaranteed by the stairs down to Level 14 in the Warlord's Chamber.

One of Diablo's great strengths as a game after all these years, in my humble opinion, comes from the random levels and mix of enemies you are pitted against. So while I was happy to see the Warlord in multiplayer, I feel rather neutral on its addition overall.

Hellfire's oils are nice, and the effects seem to carry over properly between multiplayer games (though, strangely, similar effects granted by Hellfire's shrines do not seem to carry over between games), but I do wonder if a few specific oils are perhaps overpowered and am unsure if they should be enabled in multiplayer. Let me name them specifically and explain why:

Oil of Sharpness (+1 max damage, up to an average damage of 30)
Oil of Death (+1 min, +2 max damage, up to an average damage of 30)
Oil of Imperviousness (+3-5 AC, up to 120)
Oil of Skill (decreases all attrib requirements by 5-10, down to none)

Sharpness/Death: I don't think that physical damage does not need any more damage potential than the character's base stats and usual equipment already allow. I never seem to have trouble with damage output on characters that are meant to be doing melee, and if I'm using melee on one that isn't, I accept that it's not going to be as powerful as a Warrior or Barbarian. That's just part of the game. A bow Rogue may not have the crowd control ability of a Sorcerer, or be able to carve a path through foes as fast as the Warrior, but I've never had much problem with her killing speed either if you work up Dexterity and use the right bow for the job. And Hellfire's characters with triple strike probably should never have their paws on these oils.

Imperviousness: A 175% Saintly Full Plate could yield 330 Armor Class with this. That by itself is the equivalent armor class of three perfect Godly items: Godly Tower Shield, Godly Great Helm, and Godly Full Plate Mail (60/45/225), and unless something changed in Hellfire I don't think you can even obtain Godly Full Plate Mail legitimately. Let alone that you can improve virtually any FPM with any armor bonus using these oils up over anything you're likely to find unless you're one active Diablo player, it seems like a bit much. But I only ever found one of these oils in my game, whereas I had almost an inventory full of Sharpness and Accuracy oils, so perhaps the concern is unwarranted. I'm fine with the weaker AC oil that only improves up to 60 AC; it would be fun to upgrade leathers or mails up with a Godly armor bonus from Wirt just to get a unique character look, and up to 180 possible AC, which is the equivalent of a very nice FPM from Griswold.

Skill: I've always looked at the equipment requirements as an added challenge in equipment selection if I want to wear heavy armor on my Rogue or Sorcerer. I find it more satisfying than the idea of being able to wear plates more or less for free if I find a couple of these oils.

These are just my opinions, I like all the other oils given their current functionality. But if this were my mod, I believe I would disable the weapon damage bonus oils, maybe knock the Imperviousness oil down to a maximum of 75 AC if I didn't disable it, and I'd probably remove the Skill oil too. Of course, if you agree with me and feel they are perhaps overpowered, there is always the option of not using them, or using them modestly. Smile

Issues remaining, minor requests
All that said, here's some problems present in this version of Hellfire. If the author is still working on it, or willing to, I enjoyed this mod enough that I'd be happy to see some of these ironed out as well. Some of these are unique to Hellfire, some are unique to the older version of the Diablo engine that Hellfire is based on, and some are unique to this mod (vs Hellfire or Hellfire Fixed).

In Diablo v1.09, Balrog Infernos begin in the square immediately in front of the Balrog, allowing it to strike a character within melee range. In Hellfire, Balrog breath always starts one square further than it should, yet the Balrog uses it against foes at melee range even though it always misses. Ideally this should behave like Diablo v1.09 where the Inferno starts closer, but if that's not possible, perhaps the AI could be changed so that they always choose to melee a target that close, giving their breath attack the benefit of added range.

I believe this was an issue in older versions of Diablo, but in my multiplayer game I saw slain enemies very quickly come back to life as if the last hit that just put them in their death animation a moment ago didn't properly register. This monster is a ghost to other players, but will continue to harass and attack the local player until it is killed, at which point it rewards experience again to that player and drops a duplicate item which the game doesn't remove like it does when players drop dupes. I'm uncertain of the cause but it always seems to happen before the death animation finishes, almost as if... say the monster has 20 hp left, and I hit 25 damage, and it starts to die, then I hit it again before the death finishes for 8 damage, and it pops back to life as if it didn't lose the 20 health and it now has 12 health. That make sense? I could be wrong but that's my best guess.

This is really rare, and another issue I think goes back to older versions of Diablo, but occasionally I see a monster generated from opening a sarcophagus or destroying a barrel that behaves quite strangely. The monster is invisible to other players and is cloned, as in, two identical copies of it appear and move, animate, and attack simultaneously, always facing the same direction. They do not act independently. The monster cannot be targeted or harmed in any way and will not highlight under the cursor. The only fix is to leave the level by stairs or portal, then come back, and it seems to have disappeared. The monster can strike and kill you like any normal one, though.

When the quest book for the Warlord of Blood is opened, all other players begin reading the book as well regardless of distance. Once the book is opened, every time any player returns to that floor, immediately they begin reading the book again regardless of their distance to it. I think both of these problems are from the same problem; when the book's state changes to "open" all players are assumed to be reading it, and whenever the level loads, it remembers the book has been accessed and sets it to open, and so it is read again.

The older Diablo engine here uses level generation behavior that is antiquated. In v1.09 for example you never see stairs in the Dungeons make an indentation in rooms behind the stairs. While I don't know what all Blizzard changed in the level generation code since Hellfire, knowing that they DID change it in patches is enough to perhaps warrant an attempt at implementing their newest version of it in Hellfire, if possible (assuming, of course, it doesn't cause serious issues for Hellfire's new dungeons).

This seems to occur in all versions of Hellfire, HF: Fixed etc. Sometimes one of the random seeds used by Diablo's level generation does not seem to be properly communicated in multiplayer. While the level structure is identical to all players, the actual placement of items, containers, and enemies is totally different. Enemies self-correct their positions (you will see more skipping around as players come into activation range), but the rest does not; you'll hear pods exploding when none are visible, chests being opened in the distance when everyone is near you in sight, etc.

This wouldn't be a big deal, but unfortunately the games start arguing over what items exist, and the host seems to win these arguments, which means other players can't pick up items they see dropped (which don't exist) and things start disappearing on their screens.

I never saw this in HF Fixed, but also, 3 floors of the Hive were colored and laid out identically. Each floor, room, unique enemy location was precisely the same. Perhaps that was a freak thing, or maybe the Hive level generation behavior in this mod is Horked somehow.

All quest items issued by Hellfire NPCs behave strangely. The Rune Bomb disappears on the local player's screen when used, but all other players see that player drop the Rune Bomb. The reward amulets (and presumably the Bovine Plate, if one were to enable the cow quest) disappear on the local player if they aren't the host, and only the person that spoke to the NPC even sees the item drop.

Probably well known, but opening the Crypt with the Cathedral Map is wholly unnecessary. Simply step on the right location near the entrance, and in you go. Since Diablo's policy in MP is to keep all areas open for entry, I can't say that I don't prefer it this way. Perhaps the Crypt should always be open, just like the other nice locales?

Blizzard has a unique graphic for the plain Long War Bow, which is styled with some blue designs on the ends like the Short War Bow, but due to an oversight the graphic was never used, and Long War Bows use the Long Battle Bow graphic. I believe HF:Fixed corrected this issue. I'd be happy to see this bug fixed in your mod as well.

Hellfire Fixed sped up Lich death animations, which, now that I've seen the original again, I have to admit I rather appreciated. There's something to be said for knowing an enemy is dead quickly, and some of Hellfire's animations aren't so great about tha with several flailing around clumsily in what could be mistaken for attacks before they finally keel over. Er, sorry, bit off topic! I don't expect the author, or anyone really, to redo the monster graphics to fix that. But speeding up the Lich death anim would be nice!

When creating a multiplayer game, for some reason this keystroke is broken in Hellfire. It works fine in Diablo v1.09. While this may not bother some players, if it can be fixed that would be great, as it's the equivalent of a speed bump on a freeway to me!

One thing Hellfire Fixed did that I had forgotten how nice was replacing some of Hellfire's abysmal screechy monster sounds with stock sounds from Diablo, namely in the Crypt (Devil Kin Brutes, Tomb Rats, Hellfire Bats). My ears would truly be thankful to you for making similar changes. But please don't make Adria moo like a cow again! She has a wonderful line of dialogue that starts with "Hello, good friend!" that the HF:Fixed author, in my opinion, really would of been much better off selecting as a replacement instead (just clip the rest of the dialogue after those words out and presto).


With all that said and done, I want to commend Marsh for his excellent work on this little mod. Were it not for the sounds (which I may attempt to modify myself), I would rate this mod 4 out of 5 and proudly announce that it would soon replace Hellfire: Fixed on my hard drive. That's no barb at the author of HF: Fixed, I'm just trying to stress how much I appreciate the changes and bug fixes made here that the former overlooked.

I strongly encourage Marsh to give this a little more polish where possible (I think I highlighted more than enough possibilities!), or if not, to provide whatever source files or documentation he has (if any are necessary) to help someone else duplicate and expand upon his work. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work put into mods for Diablo, Hellfire and many other games, but first and foremost I always like to have a "fixed and enhanced" version that stays true to the original (if such fixes/enhancements are warranted). This, so far, is the closest I have to that for Hellfire.

If you can tolerate Hellfire's original screechy monster sounds, and are a Hellfire fan, I would highly recommend this based on my play through. Now, excuse me dear reader, but I have lurking to attend to. Thank you, and enjoy!
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