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Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal - shoju - 02-24-2014 07:14 PM

I've been waiting to do this post until we had more information to go on, but now seems to be a good time.

On March 5th, GGG will be releasing the first major content update for Path of Exile entitled Sacrifice of the Vaal.

Corruption of everything seems to be the name of the game with this. SO far, they have spoiled database grabs of Corrupted Skill Gems, Corrupted equipment, Corrupted Maps, and a new Orb. The Vaal Orb.

Corruption has been shown to do a few things so far.
  • It can allow items to have white sockets, like the Tabula Rasa
  • It can change the base property of an item. They teased an Onyx Neckalce that had base Lightning Damage Leech instead of +stats.
  • It can increase the level of a gem past 20.
  • It can increase the quality of an item past 20.
  • It can allow maps (and presumably other equipment) to roll more than 6 modifiers.

They have released 4 teaser images so far.
Unset Ring
Corrupted Blackheart

Pay close attention to ALL the details in those images. There is an awful lot to digest in each image. Including a new type of item. The unset Ring. Yes. That's a gem slot in a ring.

They even released a 10 second video.

The release of this will coincide with the 2 new, 4 month leagues.
Ambush, and Invasion.

No word on those leagues yet, but it looks like Screengrab 4 has a "safe" on it, and is from the Ambush league testing. Could be interesting.

I'll keep you all up to date as more information becomes available.