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Path of Exile - Patch 1.05 and race season 6.
01-09-2014, 02:43 PM
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Path of Exile - Patch 1.05 and race season 6.
I trust that the new year is treating you all well!

Last night, Patch 1.05 was deployed, as well as the schedule, and rewards for Race Season 6.

I'm going to do something different with the patch notes this time. I'm copy pasting / the patch notes, and I'm going to add in what I have found out about the items in the notes, as well as some commentary. We'll give it a whirl.

The Patch
Major Features/Content:

Intelligence support gem - Enlighten: This is a world-drop-only gem with three levels that only performs its function at level two and above. It increases the experience gained by active skills that it supports.

This is probably my favorite of the new gems that they have introduced in the empower / enhance / enlighten line. This is the type of gem that could really be of use to people with alts, or with playing catch up after a passive reset / respec. I will be looking for one.

Added four new Unique items, two of which were designed by supporters.
The Screaming Eagle - A low level unique 1h'd axe. It's interesting, in that it is another unique weapon with +life, and it also comes with movement speed. I'm sure that it will be mostly a low level twinking unique, but I'm sure some people will find uses for it with weapon swapping.

DUsktoe Wow. This is... a pretty powerful unique. It gives all of your flasks +50% Chaos Resistance during flask effect. These are sure to be popular for a lot of people, including melee builds, as a "spot use" piece in later maps, when dealing with Chaos mobs.

Shackles of the Wretched This was previewed in the 1.05 content video that GGG released, and are very interesting. Status effect immunity, curse reflection, all in all, a pretty powerful unique, albeit in a very niche way. (the way I like my power)

Romira's Banquest (No Wiki Page as of writing this). A Unique DIamond RIng, that is pretty interesting. A large swath of accuracy, Critical Strike Multiplier, mana, physical mana leech, power charges on non criticals, and lose all power charges on critical. Discharge builds could be interested in this? I'll be honest, I'm a little unsure about just how to use this one.

Added two new cosmetic microtransactions: Medusa Snakes Helmet Skin and Bell Lizard Pet.

I'm curious. Do lurkers purchase any of the cosmetic transactions and pets? I have the ivory weapon effect (I like the subtle glow), and I purchased some of the skin transfers, but I haven't purchased any of the helmet skins, and pets have never interested me in any game to a point where I would pay for them.

Added two new Achievements: Raise the Bar and Full Clear: Archives.

Raise the bar requires you to have at least 90% resistance to an element at a given time. There are a few ways to do this, the easiest one to do would be cold resistance. Kaltenhalt is a unique, and fairly inexpensive unique shield that raises your cold resist max by 5. Equip, + Sapphire flask, and BLAM! Achieved.

Added one new vendor recipe.
This is teh Map + 20% Stone Hammer = Cartographer's CHisel recipe that was spoiled in the release video. Interesting recipe, not sure if I will use it much yet, but I'm sure there will come a time when I will.

Minor Features/Content:

Trade chat has been rate-limited to prevent message flooding. The speed that it is set to (3 seconds per message) is still faster than the amount that is classified as abusive. If this reduces the amount of repeated messages in trade chat then we may be able to make the trade channels larger, so that messages get more exposure.

YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. Though, I'm not really excited about making the channels larger, as it will swap out massive spam, for just and endless barrage. IMO, it's a good step to cut down the spam, but still does very little to address the abysmal state of trading in game.

Added race rewards for Race Season Six.
And they are as follows!

7 pts - Perandus Blazon
14 pts - Aurumvorax
26 pts - Goldwyrm
50 pts - ilvl 100 Amethyst Ring
80 pts - Death Rush
135 pts - Andavarius (That seems REALLY cheap)
220 pts - Meginord's Girdle
360 pts - Sidhebreath
600 pts - Ming's Heart
1000 pts - Void Battery

Gotta say, the rewards this season are a mixed bag for me. I wouldn't mind an andavarius, but the rest are a little underwhelming for me personally. They just don't fit my style of play. Good uniques, don't get me wrong, just nothing that makes me say OH MY GOD I GOTTA MAKE SURE I GET THEM ALL.

Added alternate Demigod's Touch art for special race rewards.
The art for Exalted Orbs has been updated.

I'm curious to see what they look like now.

The art for the Empower skill gem has been updated.
Added a buff icon for being under the effects of Proximity Shield.
Added some new slashing sounds.
The buff name and description for Flameblast has been updated.
Microtransaction helmet effects have had some names and descriptions updated to be consistent.
Various improvements have been made to monster death animations.


Freeze Mine now deals damage, increasing as it goes up in levels. It always freezes and the freeze duration is longer than the damage would normally cause.
Punishment has had its base damage reflection increased by a flat 6%. Damage reflection against higher rarity monsters has been also been increased. For example, damage reflection against unique monsters has been increased by a flat 11%.
Flame Totem has had its cast duration slowed from 80ms to 200ms. Its damage has been increased by 270% at level 1 of the gem, increasing to 294% at level 15 of the gem.
Searing bond no longer stacks damage from multiple beams. The damage of Searing Bond has been increased by around 400%.
Cast on Critical Strike now has a 10 millisecond cooldown. The chance to cast supported skills has been increased by a flat 20%.
If Multiple Traps supports a skill gem that can raise minions and those minions use traps, those traps are now supported by Multiple Traps.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where not all Flame Totem attacks would deal damage.
Physical percentage based damage reduction and Immortal Call now correctly mitigate damage from physical degeneration damage.
Fixed more issues related to having an unarmed main hand with other offhand weapons.
Fixed various issues with skill gem and skill bar descriptions.
Fixed an issue with overlapping resistance auras where maximum resistance benefits were prioritised after resistance gains, and characters did not get the maximum resistance they could get from those auras.
Fixed some issues with visual clipping with the Templar and some armours.
Fixed an issue where you were unable to leave the Torture Chamber's boss room.
Fixed an issue where Undying Incinerators with Soul Conduit did not correctly grant experience and loot when self-exploding.
Fixed a bug where monsters could spawn in an inaccessible area in the Hedge Maze.
Fixed a crash related to the Shock and Horror beam.
Fixed a crash related to casting Portals.
Fixed a crash related to Cyclone.
Fixed a crash in the Courtyard map.
Fixed an instance crash related to Proximity Shield.

All in all, I'm pleased with the patch, and I don't know what they did, but this patch downloaded, and installed faster than previous patches. I'm more happy about that than most of the changes.

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