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Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire
08-01-2010, 07:50 AM
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[split] Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire in German
Well, thanks to this wonderful file attachment feature it is easy to publish my translation now. Here it is:
.zip (Size: 338.4 KB / Downloads: 27)
What to say now? Oh yeah, this I want to quote:

JGdeu/Remarks Wrote:II. Acknowledgment
  • My thanks to Jarulf and everybody listed in chapter 1.5 – so, to everyone who has contributed in order that this guide exists in the way it does. Thanks to Jarulf for giving me his permission to translate and distribute this translation.
  • Thanks for hosting this translation to The Lurker Lounge, its admin Bolty and everybody else who sees to it that this site exists.
  • Thanks to the Lurker LemmingofGlory for his suggestion to write it in HTML.
  • Not to forget, thanks to all the people who have given feedback to this translation.

One last thing: It was a lot of work - and I knew this - but I have enjoyed translating this wonderful guide.

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