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Path of Exile - Patch 0.11.5
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Path of Exile - Patch 0.11.5
Patch 0.11.5 brings us a handful of new uniques and minor gameplay tweaks. I'm truly impressed at how frequent they add new items into the game. It makes these patches much more exciting when there's new uniques to be discovered!

The first new unique is a level 71 Temple Map that will induce a series of emotions. First pain from the dangerous modifiers, then amazement how potentially rewarding the map could be. Poorjoy's Asylum will certainly reward those who are daring enough to run it. Be sure to bring along your Topaz Flask for additional lightning resistances. Even normal Temple Piety can deal lethal blows to players with 5k+ life and maximum resistances. You might want to use your Divine Orbs here if the random item reward is not what you're interested in.

Cybil's Paw is certainly a unique item. Life on Hit usually does not work on spells, but this Claw will change that. Any spells that hit fast and hit multiple enemies will work well here, such as Incinerate.

Quecholli is the name of a new two-handed Maul, and is certainly meant to be used for low level characters. If you equip this at level 22, you're surely going to be clearing the screen quite fast.

Mon'tregul's Grasp is one of those build-defining uniques. If you like Zombies, this is your weapon. I personally can't wait to get my hands on one and have my hulk-like Zombies smash everything in sight.

The last new unique is a end-game two handed Mace, named Kongor's Undying Rage. While the base weapon DPS is not the highest, the Onslaught ability is extremely potent (Critical Strikes grant an additional 20% increased move, attack and cast speed).

The rest of the patch notes can be read here, which include some additions such as Item Skin Transfers, changes to how single skill cooldowns work, a new Skill Gem named Empower, and more.
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