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Patch of Exile - Patch 1.0 Uniques
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Patch of Exile - Patch 1.0 Uniques
A total of 11 new Uniques have been introduced with Release Patch 1.0. They've all been discovered and presented below for your viewing pleasure.

Dyadus is a powerhouse of a weapon for Elemental attack builds. Can spawn anywhere from 317 DPS to 403 DPS, so it's clearly an end-game item. Not to mention the nifty side-effect depending on which weapon slot you equip it in.

Talk about bittersweet. Immortal Flesh is a new leather belt that provides huge life and mana regen, at the cost of severe resistances penalty. Not sure this is usable in Hardcore, but I'd certainly want to give it a shot if I found one in the Softcore leagues.

Cloak of Defiance is a neat Energy Shield / Evasion chest-piece that has a massive bonus to mana, and grants you Mind over Matter.

Headhunter is a Nemesis only leather belt, and grants you decent stats along with a unique ability that gives you the Nemesis mods for 20 seconds after you kill the rare.

The Gull is the Domination only drop and is a mid-level ES/EVA helm that increases the effects that shrines have on you. I must to say, even if I was an Armor based character I'd want to give this helm a try. Sounds fun!

Pretty sure everyone says "Wow" when they see this new Prismatic Ring, The Taming. Very strong ring for Elemental-based builds. Imagine wearing two of these! It's important to note this is not obtainable through drops. You'll have to vendor three of the new two-stone unique rings.

The three new two-stone rings only drop in the new leagues, and each type has its own unique. Berek's Pass, Berek's Grip, and Berek's Respite. If I'm playing on an un-twinked character I'd be happy with finding any of them. In general I like the two-stone rings and feel they are a decent alternative to Prismatic rings.

The last two new Uniques are flasks. Blood of the Karui is the Health flask and Lavianga's Spirit for Mana. Can't say I would use the health one, but Lavianga's Spirit feels like it would find a home in my flask slots.
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10-28-2013, 04:38 PM
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RE: Patch 1.0 Uniques
The Gull is very cool. There are some limitations I've found though.

1.) If you move to a new zone while under the effects of a shrine, they do not transfer zone to zone.
2.) The helm, at 50% increased Duration, will give you a total of 45 seconds of shrine buff. That's pretty cool.

I'm not sure how popular the item will end up being. You can run zones, and never see a single shrine, or run a zone, and find 5 or 6, they are completely random, and some of them are just not that interesting.

So far, the best Shrines I have found:


The rest, are Ok, and have some nice DPS perks, or healing perks, but with the short duration nature of them, The helm might not end up being very popular.

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RE: Patch 1.0 Uniques
Headhunter is mindblowingly god tier. Required for serious map running to 100 efficiently, I assume.

Lavianga's Spirit is amazing. Seems too good to be true and should be close to required on everyone who actually spends meaningful mana.

On another note, I would really like to see at least one unique endgame versions of all weapons on a level with Kaom's Primacy, and Axe nodes buffed as a compensated change. Currently, Kaom's is not the most powerful weapon possible, but it's really damn close and very, very easy to find compared to those weapons that are better. In trade, the Axe nodes are rather weak compared to the Sword, Mace & Stave nodes. This is patently unfair and will lead to imbalance where axe is best now and the rest is best later.

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