Update 8/29/01:

v3.0.5 is now available. It should fix a couple of ODBC issues among other things. Also added was a weapon speed cutoff display from the Weapon Speed Calculator. This process works by taking the base frames for the class and attack, the base speed of the weapon and then adds 1% at a time to IAS from items to determine where the break points are. The IAS from skills is taken from the form, so set that value before clicking 'Cutoffs'.

Update 8/27/01:

v3.0.4 is available for download. This file has been updated for the 1.09 patch. Added to the Monster Detail form was a dropdown to switch between difficulties so you can see how the monster's stats change from one difficulty setting to the next.

Run-Time Error 430 and 429 are solved 99% of the time by downloading and installing MDAC 2.6. This file is required by the program and when I say required I mean that the program won't work without it. Please download MDAC 2.6 from Microsoft's website using the link to the right.

ODBC, ActiveX, Access errors are all more than likely solved by installing Microsoft's Jet 4 SP3 update. The link to download Jet4SP3 can also be found on the right hand column.

If you get an error message please try installing one or both of these files before emailing me with your situation. Thanks!

Update 8/24/01:

With the release of patch 1.09 there will be a new version of the calculator soon. v3.0.4 will account for the updated monster data as well as changes to the poison damage system. It appears that poison damage dealt is now damage per second times the AVERAGE of the durations as opposed to the sum. One exception seems to be the Poison Dagger skill which when used in conjunction with other poison items does not add its two second duration to the pot nor does it count as a poison item when dividing the total duration by the quantity of items. This means that Poison Dagger will always increase the total poison damage dealt, where-as other poison items may in fact reduce the damage dealt over time.

The database for this program has also been changed, it is now almost one third smaller in size as I was able to eliminate duplications of monster data between D2C and D2X. The program still works fine for D2C (experience-wise), it's just smaller ;)

The way attributes modify damage has been altered. Melee weapons are still 100% strength and ranged weapons are still 100% dexterity, however assassin class/thrown weapons are now 75% strength/75% dexterity, Amazon Spears/Javelins are now 80% strength/50% dexterity and hammers are 110% strength.

I've written a small utility that helps update the database used by this program based on the text files found in patch_d2.mpq. The text files used by this utility are monstats.txt, levels.txt, superuniques.txt and weapons.txt. The program will create text files that are imported into the database so that I don't have to manually create the information like I've been doing in the past. Yes I know, I should've made this program first. Bleh.

Update 8/17/01:

Whoops^3! It looks like the attribute damage calculator has been broken since v1.0.0, well not anymore! A pesky math error has been located and adjusted so that 50/50 strength/dexterity now adds 100% damage for claws/thrown and 70/30 strength/dexterity adds 100% damage for Amazon spears. Thanks to everyone who has pointed out bugs in the program, obviously I'm not perfect :P

v3.0.3 is now online, it's nice to be able to update the files immediately upon fixing errors. I can't thank Bolty enough.

If you have any feedback about the new help system, please let me know. This is the first HTML Help format documentation that I've created and I'm wondering if it's working properly on other people's PCs.

Update 8/15/01:

Whoops^2! In v3.0.1 you weren't able to change monsters listed in the Monster Detail form from Normal to the Champion types without getting incorrect data. A simple problem fixed this morning. v3.0.2 is up now, both as a .ZIP install and a .EXE upgrade (just copy it into your Diablo 2 Calculator folder).

Update 8/14/01:

Whoops! There's a bug in 3.0.0 where you can't save your character, I fixed it in 3.0.1 which is now available. If you downloaded 3.0.0 already, just download the next .EXE file using the link to the right.

We're online now at ixyatl.lurkerlounge.com, the old site at www.sosostris.com/diablo2xp will redirect here from now on. Thanks again to Bolty for hosting me!

Version 3.0.1 is now available, you'll find the link to download it on the right-hand pane. The ZIP file is now 2.4mb in size, which hopefully isn't too bad on a dial-up connection.

The new help system for the Diablo 2 Calculator will take advantage of Microsoft's HTML Help program if you have it. If you don't have it and want to download it (4mb) you can find it on Microsoft's MSDN site. If you don't want to use HTML Help then you'll be shown the old (not updated) help form instead.

Update 8/13/01:

Version 3 is almost ready for release. This version will have many minor (yet annoying) bug fixes as well as the addition of a Poison Damage calculator and a Weapon Speed calculator. The weapon speed formula used is the one discovered by Dagni over on the Lurker Lounge. Information on Druid Wereforms is incomplete so you may not want to trust the calculator for that, but normal attacks for all classes/weapons should be working properly. The only normal attack data missing is Druids wielding bows and thrown weapons.

The biggest change to the calculator is the Character Selection screen which will allow you to save your different characters stats for ease of use in the future. When the program starts up the Character Selection form will load and you can enter your character then. When done, simply click Select and all of the program's forms will use that information as defaults. Also included with the program is a .CHM help file for those of you with Microsoft's HTML Help installed. To disable the Character Selection form from displaying automatically simply append -NOCHAR to the Target textbox of your Diablo 2 Calculator shortcut. You can also append -NOLANG to the same Target field if you wish to disable default language processing.

Speaking of language processing, this feature is completely disabled as of v3.0.0 until I can get translations for all of the forms. So much has changed that it would just look bad to have only partial translations displayed, a later v3 release will re-enabled the languages.

A column has been added to the Experience Calculator, it is called %TNL. This field displays the percent experience needed for your next level that the monster will give you. For example, at first level you need 500XP for level two. A Zombie on the Blood Moor in a single player game will give you 33XP which is 6.6% of your next level, thus the %TNL column for that Zombie will show 6.600%.

This site will be moving to ixyatl.lurkerlounge.com in the near future, I'm having troubles with FTP access to the site but once it's ready I will be remove the pages from my personal server.

Update 8/01/01:

There is a bug with the Monster Detail form that pops up as run-time error 6: Overflow. This happens on some of the more powerful monsters that have more hit points than an integer variable can hold, the source of the problem has been identified and fixed. This fix will be available in the next release of the program.

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