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Hirelings Stats

A hireling stats (life/str/dex/def/resists) depends not only on its level, but also on which difficulty it was hired in. This calculator computes the stats of a hireling without equipment. The damage shown is the inherent damage for the hireling BEFORE taking into account of str/dex bonus. I will add the bonus once I can figure out how it applies.

Hireling Type
Difficulty hired from
Hireling's Level
Attack Rating
Resists in Normal
Resists in Nightmare
Resists in Hell
Damage to
Skill 1 Level
Skill 2 Level
Skill 3 Level

Note that resistances are capped at 75 unless the hireling wears something that increases max resistances. For that purpose, the calculator will show the value before the cap.

Life of hireling has a min of 40, and the defense of hireling has an inherent min of 0 before adding the defense bonus for dexterity.
Thanks to LiquidDamage for data in my forum.