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Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire
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Question Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire
Please note that this Guide is for Diablo 1 (and Hellfire) only!

Welcome! You have just reached the home of Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire, an in-depth Guide covering almost all areas of the game.

Note: Due to the size of the document and the numerous tables in it, it may, especially on slower computers, take quite a while for Word to open the document. So please have patience when you open it!

Download Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire v1.62. (290 kb zipped)

Embedded version of the Guide, v1.62. This version has the fonts (Garamond and Verdana) embedded. It is otherwise identical to the normal version. Only download this version if you have problems with the fonts. (719 kb zipped)

PDF version of the Guide, v1.62. This version requires that you have Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or newer) or any other program that can view PDF formatted files. (771 kb)

Old versions of the Guide are still available for download - see later on in this post.

Information about the Guide

Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire is an extensive compilation of data, formulas and information about almost all parts of the game. It has no real strategy, although it is a good tool to help, along with playing experience, in developing strategies on your own. In the Guide you will find:
  • Detailed information about the characters you can play, including formulas and information about all stats, such as damage, weapon speed, experience points, and hidden bonuses.
  • Complete information about all base items, unique items, quest items, prefixes, and suffixes in the game including levels, occurrences, price information, and more.
  • Item generation information explaining how items are created by the game, both in the dungeons and in town.
  • Detailed information about spells (from players and monsters), mana cost, and magic requirements.
  • Detailed information about traps including damage and occurrence.
  • Complete monster data for all monsters in the game including: HP, level, AC, To Hit, Dam, Res/Imm, Experience points, Size, activity times, and attack type. Of course, for both single and multi-player and for all difficulty levels.
  • Complete information and data about all unique monsters, including special monsters like the Butcher, Diablo, the Defiler, and Na Krul (the last two only exist in Hellfire).
  • Detailed information about monster AI.
  • A Detailed chapter explaining how combat is handled.
  • Complete list of all shrines and their effects.
  • A quick walk through of all quests.
  • List of all commands on and other related information.
  • much more....a total of more than 170 pages.

Of course, all information is for both Diablo and Hellfire.

The Guide is available as a Word 7.0 (Ms Office 95) document or in PDF v1.2 (Acrobat 3.0) format. It is formatted for standard A4 paper (using 2.5 cm margins) and Apple LaserWriter. If you are using any other paper size and/or printer you might have to adjust the margins of the document for best result (as well as changing paper size if needed).


There are a few people that, without their help, this guide would never have been what it is, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them here.

A big "thanks" goes to: Peter J. Hradilek (Da O'Toth), Warren Smith Jr. and Tolitz Rosel (The Azian Wolf), Bolty, Crystalion (Snakegod), Bostic, Ironbeard, Jens Baumann (Varaya), Sourceror, Nils Petersson (concre+e), Gyrefalcon, Disen Abella (LaRouge) and Martin Reich (Khan).

Also, thanks to: Desslock, Robert Seger, Tom Sosnowski, Karsten Hess, Alex Owens, Paul Watts, t'kron, Gabriel Oak, Belgarath, Dalai Lama, Christian (Cormac), Hibiki Sakuru, moe SAINT EverGreen, Claudio Giannini (Cathrin[BWO]), Booga, Bill Quirk, Moriah, Walter Puller, Zakarun, Charlie, Jerome Waters, Marcus Malden, Alvin J. Boning Jr., Mithrandir(COD), Aaron Burnell, Wolfspirit, Stu, PKRankin, Henk Morren, Tanja[BWO], Olivier Flipo, Dr. Zed, Tommi Helminen, Don Bush, Rand'al, MMAgCh, Scrape, Gregarious_Zinn, HowGozit, Heiko Klein, Tom O'Shea, M., Jan Willem Helderman, Vlad Rostovsky, Meshuggah, Chinh Tran, Keith Costorf, Renè Naustvik Åsen, Rhydderch Hael, Msalcoryp, Zamal, SoulEdge, CebeWee, Layil, Jason Redmond, Maurice van Mil, Jim Thompson (Ji'Dath), Waikano, Matt Brown (Eli)), Queto Yurlunyur, Regna, FoxBat and a few unmentioned persons (you know who you are, thanks).

If you find any errors, want to change anything or feel you should be here but isn't, please contact me (see address at the bottom of the page).

Programs to help you use and read the Guide

Here you find some links to programs that you may need in some way or another to unpack and read my Guide.

WinZip: The Guide has been compressed using WinZip so it must be UnZipped before it can be read.

Stuffit Expander: If you have a Macintosh you can unzip it with Stuffit Expander - a free utility from Aladdin Systems.

Word Viewer: If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can download a Word Viewer from Microsoft's site. It lets you view and print the document.

Acrobat Reader: To view the PDF version of my Guide, you can use the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Old Versions - Version 1.00, 1998-02-15. 107 kb. - Version 1.10, 1998-04-28. 125 kb.
What is new in v1.10:
  • Corrected many formulas for characters.
  • Corrected the maximum stats table.
  • Added info on blocking and hit recovery.
  • Added info on item levels for base items and non magical items.
  • Reorganized the item chapter and added a few new level summaries.
  • Corrected info on many Hellfire items, prefixes and suffixes.
  • Added info on how healing and mana potions works.
  • Added info on a lot of missing spells including most Hellfire spells in the detailed spell info tables.
  • Removed info on auto To Hit in monster tables as it was wrong. Have instead added general info about auto To Hit.
  • Changed the way resistance and immunities for monsters was presented to get rid of pages in landscape orientation.
  • Added info to monster summary tables of what uniques exists for each type of monster. No new info though, just made it easier figure it out.
  • Added info on some shrines in Hellfire.
  • Added info on new commands on Battle Net.
  • Many, many small corrections and additions all over the Guide. - Version 1.20, 1998-07-10. 157 kb.
What is new in v1.20:
  • Item generation information.
  • Level summary for non magical items and monsters for easier use of the item generation chapter.
  • Moved and updated information on non magical and non equipable items.
  • Added information about unique pictures for unique items.
  • Timing information for monsters.
  • New information about Battle Net, and generally changed the Battle Net part to account for the 1.05 patch.
  • Added lots of small comments and clarifications for some monsters, items, prefixes/suffixes, spells and so on.
  • Information on how quests are chosen for a game.
  • A new chapter with various useful information that does not fit anywhere else. Lots of room for future additions here.
  • The formatting of the Guide got a big overhaul, although perhaps hard to spot. Call it internal changes for ease of update but also printing and use.
  • Many, many small corrections and additions all over the Guide. - Version 1.30, 1998-12-05. 175 kb.
What is new in v1.30:
  • Added timing information for character classes.
  • Added information about level requirements for characters to enter dungeons and difficulty levels.
  • Item generation in town is completely rewritten and much more correct.
  • Added and corrected information about item pricing and repair/recharge costs.
  • Added a list of quest items.
  • Corrected confusions about unique and special monster's levels.
  • Added information about monsters with multiple attacks.
  • Added information about monster "sizes".
  • Added a reverse look up table for shrines.
  • Updated the and other useful things chapters.
  • Added how to play different difficulty levels in Diablo single player.
  • Updated all information regarding the 1.07 patch.
  • Small corrections and fixes all over. - Version 1.31, 1998-12-09. 179 kb.
What is new in v1.31 (over 1.30):
  • Updated the Index.
  • Added some information about printing to chapter 1.
  • Updated the acknowledgment list in chapter 1.5.
  • Added information about this version in chapter 1.6.
  • Corrected formula for blocking in chapter 2.5.
  • Corrected the weapon speed table regarding bows in chapter 2.7.
  • Corrected table about difficulty levels in chapter 2.12.
  • Corrected tables about Potions and Elixirs in chapter 3.2.2.
  • Corrected Damage/Penetrate target table in chapter 3.4 and 3.11.2.
  • Corrected foot note for Arkaine's Valor in chapter 3.5.
  • Added foot note for Eaglehorn in chapter 3.5.
  • Corrected foot notes for helms in chapter 3.5.
  • Corrected foot note for Ring of Engagement in chapter 3.5.
  • Added a new sub chapter 3.7.1, about items loosing durability. This affect the numbering of the other two subchapters and also affect page breaks.
  • Added text about found items in chapter 3.7.2 (note new chapter number).
  • Added text about found items in chapter 3.7.3 (note new chapter number).
  • Added foot note reference for unique monster in table about definition of ilvl in chapter 3.8.
  • Fixed incorrect reference in chapter 3.8.1.
  • Added barrel in the probability information for unique items in chapter 3.8.1.
  • Added info about cursed items form unique monsters under Magical item in chapter 3.8.2.
  • Corrected foot notes in table about what items town people sell in chapter 3.9.
  • Changed heading of chapter 3.11.1.
  • Corrected entries for Blood Star, Bone Spirit, Fireball, Golem and Guardian in chapter 4.2.
  • Added foot note to table in chapter 4.3.
  • Corrected information under Experience points in chapter 5.1.
  • Corrected foot note about Succubi in chapter 5.2.1.
  • Corrected text in first paragraph in chapter 5.3.
  • Corrected foot notes for unique monsters on level 13-16 in chapter 5.5.
  • Added text in chapter 5.6.2.
  • Corrected table in chapter 7.
  • Updated the information in chapter 9.6.
  • Quite a few editorial corrections (spelling, grammar and so on) all over the guide. - Version 1.40, 1999-05-03. 218 kb.
What is new in v1.40:
  • A whole bunch of new people have contributed in some way to the Guide and have thus been added to the acknowledgment section, thanks, I could not have done it without you! Why not take a look at the list.
  • Small reformatting of the character chapter.
  • Updated To Hit formulas for both monsters and players.
  • Corrected qlvl for scrolls.
  • Updated information about durability for items and added repair and recharge information.
  • Lots of corrections and updates on item creation including dungeon items from non monsters.
  • Reorganized the magic chapter.
  • Added information about spells including spells from monsters.
  • Added information about traps and moved it to one place.
  • Added information about probability for monsters occurring on a dungeon level.
  • Added information about attack types for monsters.
  • Added information about "intelligence" for monsters, including the ability to opening doors.
  • Reorganized unique monster information.
  • Added information about unique monsters in nightmare and hell difficulty.
  • New font, Garamond, and some cosmetic changes.
  • Small corrections all over the Guide. - Version 1.50, 1999-09-01. 244 kb.
What is new in v1.50:
  • Added a battle chapter explaining how battle is done in detail.
  • Corrections to the information about receiving experience points.
  • Small additions and corrections in the character chapter.
  • Corrected some effects of oils.
  • Corrected small error regarding the +4 bonus for item creation from unique monsters.
  • Added missing information about special item drops.
  • Added information on how spells are picked for staves and books.
  • Added and corrected quite a lot spell information.
  • Separated and clarified the slvl of cast spells.
  • Added some information about unique monsters that have special AC and To Hit.
  • Moved the mlvlitems for special monster to their own tables so that it is similar to other unique monster.
  • Corrected some shrine effects.
  • Added information about creation of non quest items dropped by quest monsters.
  • Added the use of Verdana as the font for headers.
  • A lot of small corrections and additions all over the guide. - Version 1.51, 1999-10-17. 248 kb.
What is new in v1.51 (over 1.50):
  • Updated the front page.
  • Updated the Index.
  • Small additions to chapter 1.
  • Added to and corrected the list of acknowledged people in chapter 1.5.
  • Added information about what is new in this update to chapter 1.6.
  • Corrected formulas in chapter 2.1.3.
  • Rewrote Real Damage Formula 1 for Flash in chapter 4.1.3.
  • Added some information about golems in chapter 4.1.3.
  • Added information about Spit being blockable in chapter 4.2.1.
  • Corrected information for Goat Men Archers in chapter 5.2.1 and 5.5.1.
  • Corrected table in chapter 5.5.4.
  • Added a chapter, 5.5.5, with a summary of monster types.
  • Corrected the numbering of a list in chapter 6.1.
  • Corrected the table in chapter 6.1.3.
  • Restructed chapter 7 somewhat.
  • Updated the information about the shrine bug in chapter 7.
  • Added information about Spiritual Shrine in chapter 7.
  • Added information for two more icons in chapter 9.4.
  • Updated chapter 10.7. - Version 1.52, 1999-11-18. 251 kb.
What is new in v1.52 (over 1.51):
  • Updated the front page.
  • Updated the Index.
  • Added one more general remark to chapter 1.3.
  • Added a footnote about hit recovery to table in chapter 2.2.1, 3.4 and 3.11.5.
  • Corrected some broken references to other chapters in chapter 2.2.2, 4.2.1, 5.2.1 and 5.4.
  • Small additions to chapter 1.
  • Added to and corrected the list of acknowledged people in chapter 1.5.
  • Added information about what is new in this update to chapter 1.6.
  • Added information about negative life and mana to chapter 3.2.2.
  • Additional information on light radius in chapter 3.4 and 3.11.5.
  • Changed repair to recharge in one place in chapter 3.6.4.
  • Corrected the value of the ratio for Griswold's repair bug in chapter 3.7.2.
  • Cosmetic changes to table under Staff in chapter 3.8.3.
  • Corrected information about skeletons in table in chapter 4.3.
  • Added information about Burning crosses to table in chapter 4.3.
  • Corrected information about the HP regeneration rate of some monsters in chapter 5.1 under Hit points.
  • Correctly corrected the table in chapter 6.1.3.
  • Added some information about the selection of shrines in chapter 7.
  • Updated the information about the /stats command in chapter 9.1.
  • Added information for one more icon in chapter 9.4.
  • Added some general information to chapter 9.4.
  • Updated chapter 10.7. - Version 1.60, 2000-05-25. 285 kb.
What is new in v1.60:
  • Added a massive chapter detailing information about the monster AI scripts and other related information.
  • The list of people acknowledged has been updated.
  • Updates and corrections to chapter about experience points.
  • Added information about character naming.
  • Updated the repair and recharge costs.
  • Rewrote the item price calculation chapter some.
  • Corrected some errors and expanded information about prefix and suffix selection.
  • Corrections regarding item creation for staves.
  • Added probabilities for unique items being found.
  • Updated and corrected information about some spells including Chain Lightning, Mana Shield, Telekinesis, Flame Wave, Fire Wall, Lightning Wall and Ring of Fire (both in spell chapter and in battle chapter).
  • Removed all information regarding distance for spells as it does not apply.
  • Some added information about traps.
  • Corrected information about monster hit point regeneration.
  • Added information about second attacks for many monsters, including timing information.
  • Some additional information about the Skeleton King and the Skeleton King quest.
  • Corrected some resistances and immunities for unique and special monsters.
  • Added information about what and how monsters and players are targetable, especially in reference to walking.
  • Updated the command section for
  • Added information about channels on
  • Small corrections and additions all over the guide. - Version 1.61, 2000-12-01. 289 kb.
What is new in v1.61 (over 1.60):
  • Updated the front page.
  • Updated the Index.
  • Changed chapter 1.1 to acknowledge the latest patch for Diablo, v1.08.
  • Added some information to chapter 1.1.
  • Added one more general remark to chapter 1.3.
  • Added to and corrected the list of acknowledged people in chapter 1.5.
  • Added information about what is new in this update to chapter 1.6.
  • Added link about target location under Hit recovery in chapter 2.2.1.
  • Added footnote about Armor Class to table about +% Armor Class in chapter 3.4 and 3.13.5.
  • Added small clarification in chapter 3.5.
  • Corrected information about tables in chapter 3.11.
  • Added note to Bone Spirit in chapter 4.1.3.
  • Corrected and clarified the tables of tables in chapter 4.1.5.
  • Changed text about unknown information (as it is actually know and explained in the guide) in chapter 5.3.4 under Hit recovery time.
  • Removed erroneous information about Arch-Bishop Lazarus regarding Hit Recovery in chapter 5.3.4 under Hit recovery time and in footnote under table in chapter 5.4 and 5.6.2.
  • Corrected the data for Deathshade Fleshmaul in chapter 5.4.
  • Small addition about Hidden attack type in chapter 5.5.2.
  • Added small paragraph, about a change in walking in the latest patch, at the end of chapter 6.1.9.
  • Added the missing parts of chapter 6.1.10.
  • Corrected the footnote in chapter 8.3.8.
  • Added information about command completion with the Tab key in chapter 9.2.
  • Changed information about save files on PC computers in chapter 10.2 due to changes in 1.08 patch.
  • Added reference to save files in chapter 10.4.
  • Updated chapter 10.7.
  • Some smaller layout changes at various places (does not in any way affect the content). - Version 1.62, 2001-06-08. 290 kb.
What is new in v1.62 (over 1.61):
  • Updated the front page.
  • Updated the Index.
  • Added text about opening the document in Word in chapter 1.
  • Changed chapter 1.1 to acknowledge the latest patch for Diablo, v1.09.
  • Added to the list of acknowledged people in chapter 1.5.
  • Clarified melee character damage and special "weapon" damage for the Monk in chapter 2.2.2.
  • Corrected the weapon speed for the Monk with just a shield in chapter 2.2.3.
  • Small addition to the Resurrect spell in chapter 4.1.3.
  • Corrected table in chapter 6.1.4.
  • Removed text about a change only present in version 1.08 of the game in chapter 6.1.9.
  • Added some text in chapter 9.
  • Updated the channel list in chapter 9.1.
  • Added some information about avoiding the end game movie in chapter 10.6.
  • Small adjustments for the 1.09 patch in chapter 10.2.
  • Updated chapter 10.7.

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[split] Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire in German
Well, thanks to this wonderful file attachment feature it is easy to publish my translation now. Here it is:
.zip (Size: 338.4 KB / Downloads: 27)
What to say now? Oh yeah, this I want to quote:

JGdeu/Remarks Wrote:II. Acknowledgment
  • My thanks to Jarulf and everybody listed in chapter 1.5 – so, to everyone who has contributed in order that this guide exists in the way it does. Thanks to Jarulf for giving me his permission to translate and distribute this translation.
  • Thanks for hosting this translation to The Lurker Lounge, its admin Bolty and everybody else who sees to it that this site exists.
  • Thanks to the Lurker LemmingofGlory for his suggestion to write it in HTML.
  • Not to forget, thanks to all the people who have given feedback to this translation.

One last thing: It was a lot of work - and I knew this - but I have enjoyed translating this wonderful guide.

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