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Updated Skill Calculator
02-26-2012, 04:15 AM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2012 12:59 PM by MonTy.)
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Updated Skill Calculator
*4/1 - Updated for new skill layout. Seems the old links gets messed up when Bliz updates their skill calc.

Hail all,

Blizzard updated their online skill calculator to reflect the new rune and skill system. Anyone have the chance to create a few nifty builds to share and discuss?

My Wizard build turned out to be a fairly plain one that focuses on Arcane Orb. The idea is to open with a high speed, high damage spell that depletes my arcane power, then utilize the fast-regen nature of it by surviving with other skills until my arcane power fills back up for more Orb action. Furthermore, the rune Prism for the Diamond Skin skill would allow me to cast three Arcane orbs, over 1000% damage in three seconds for 60 arcane power. I'm just unsure of two skills choices: Magic Missile and the passive skill Temporal Flux. My concern with Magic Missile is having other types of damage other than Arcane, but if I understand correctly there are no more immune type monsters, so even if they're resistant my arcane orb would do more damage then let's say, electrocute. I'm not sure if the slow is worth having Temporal Flux, or if the +health per second of Galvanizing Ward would be better.

Figured I'd use pets for my Witch Doctor build since it's really the only class that allows it. The idea is to let my minions do battle while casting spirit spells from afar. I'm hoping the spirit spells dish out enough damage and for the Passive Skill "Rush of Essence" to pay dividends.

I admit to have no idea what's going on with my Monk build. I'm hoping to dash around and hit with Deadly Reach and Way of the Hundred Fists for single target damage, and then pull baddies in with Cyclone Strike and Lashing Tail Kick them in the face. But I have no idea if it'll actually work.

My Demon Hunter and Barbarian build are fairly self-explanatory and rather plain as well, but seem decent at beating things up Smile
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