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Patch 1.1: If you can't beat them? Join them.
03-07-2014, 08:36 PM
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Patch 1.1: If you can't beat them? Join them.
I apologize for the delay on getting the patch notes posted here on the forums. I wont lie, I'm rather disheartened by a lot of things that transpired in this patch, from a balance standpoint.

In speaking with several people (Frag, Vinnie), I was under the impression that the balance changes coming (at least in my mind) were going to be to make 2h'd axe nodes as good as the 2h'd Sword, and Mace Nodes. I figured that the revamp of the Marauder area, and southern Marauder / Western Duelist Area, would be to make the 2h'd weapons more balanced between the specs.

I didn't think that the answer they were going to go with was: Swords are the best. Axes get buffed, and Maces get beaten down, to the ground, and dirt kicked over their still convulsing bodies.

but that's what happened. Maces got their teeth knocked down their throat, Axes got a slight buff, and while Swords didn't get touched, by default they now rule the roost in 2h'd physical damage styles.

The marauder area was massively changed, it's now a sprawling monstrosity, that chokes you from going north or south through the tree with much ease. What had happened by the implementation of the Scion Starting area in the center of the tree, has been moved to the marauder area, and the Scion tree has been given "easy ways" to cross through it.

So, after 6 hours of work, I've repaired my characters to a point where they are "similar" to what I had, but the Leech Changes, have made my Scion.... almost unplayable. It's still playable, but it takes far more babysitting of my mana pool than I feel is acceptable.

So, by virtue of default, I'm going to be spending time in the new Ambush League.

While I could just slide over, and continue to smash faces with my duelist, or Ranger, or marauder, or even my witch, that's just not what I was really hoping for. I was hoping to make measured progress towards level cap on my Scion. It was a mission so to speak.

But, I'm going to walk away from that, and focus on trying to do something else, so that I don't continue to stew about the loss of HP, damage, and Leech.

So. If you care to join VinnieJones, his buddy Mark, and I, we'll be in Ambush, smashing things in the face.

I will be playing a 2h'd Sword Ranger. Like the title says. If you can't beat them? Join them.

Here's my plan.
That build should get me into the early 70's. Because I'm focusing on a more Dexterity Based Build, I will need to make sure that I'm getting plenty of Physical Damage from gear. That means High Phys Sword. Adds X-X Physical Damage where ever I can grab it. (Gloves, Belt, Rings all have options)

Though, I will probably be opting for Slitherpinch or Magliaro's for Gloves. If I can track down a Wurm's Molt, I might do Magliaro's and Wurm's Molt.

If I can't track down Mag's, I will probably do Slitherpinch, and a Meginord's (Might even be the more optimum setup.)

So. Stat Weights.

Adds X-X Phys
Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Multiplier

Are what I'm looking at in terms of a Priority List. With the amount of Accruacy innate in the tree, plus an early 70's build that will give me another +80% Accuracy, I shouldn't be hurting for Accuracy, which means that it will float down to the bottom of the list, especially considering that I plan to use the +30% Accuracy 2H'd Swords whenever possible.

So, With that sorted, I'm able to achieve almost +250% Life Multiplier from Nodes + Str in the tree, and I'm not using the EVA/Life Nodes, as they are just not efficient.

Remember the title? If you can't beat em?

Well, even with all of the blustering about Iron Reflexes, and how it really is too good, they didn't touch it. Yet another reason to go Ranger. All that wonderful Evasion turns into Armor.

And while I will be the first one to say that Armor does bupkis without a Granite, I will say that IR makes Eva better at being armor than armor is.

SO fine. If that's the way it's going to be, that's the way it's going to be I guess. I'll Join them.

All in all, this character, with a 330 DPS 4L Sword, *should* be putting up comparable DPS numbers to my Facebreaker's Duelist, calculating with moderate, to average gear.

This includes
Slitherpinch Gloves
Rustic Sash (18%)
6-12 Phys per ring
330 DPS sword
no 5L's.
No unique Helm
No Phys on the Amulet

From there, it should only increase in potency.

Will it work? I'm sure it will at least be able to enter mapping. BUt I'm not sure if I'm going to map for a while. The new corrupted zones are nice little mini maps, and if the build performs the way that my math is showing me it will, I should be able to go from running Library / Archives / Catacombs / Corrupted Zones, right into level 70 maps.

What will I do with those maps? I don't know. Bank them? Sell them? Vendor them for higher Maps? (probably wont do the vendor thing)

But then the question becomes, how will I get to those level of maps? Buy them? Vendor up? I don't know. But I think the more that they add to the game, the more pointless the 66 - 68 level maps are.

You have game content that takes you to 68 in monster level.

Anyway, Since they are dead set and determined to make things go a certain way, I'm going to beat them at their own game I guess.

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03-07-2014, 09:09 PM
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RE: Patch 1.1: If you can't beat them? Join them.
(03-07-2014 08:36 PM)shoju Wrote:  Maces got their teeth knocked down their throat

Sigh. I had taken a break on lochnar_bigblunt because I was struggling in the end of merciless act 3. Now I don't know if I even want to mess with him anymore. Oh well, another reason to spend my time with the new and improved D3. Undecided

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