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Season 4
09-21-2015, 04:06 PM
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Season 4
I suspect some of you lurking around here are playing, since my friends list is more active than it's been in a long time.

Season 4 started slowly for me, as I didn't have a lot of play time the first couple of weeks. I was trying to put together all of the pieces for my Ulianna's monk, but a few things proved to be elusive. Still, with the power of the set I was able to run Torment 8 in a reasonable amount of time, but had only cleared a Greater Rift 25 solo. I had cubed about 30 yellow daibos searching for a Flow of Eternity without a single success. This had 2 unfortunate side effects:

1) I started singing a song in my head (to the tune of "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel"): Paddle, Paddle, Paddle, I made you out of veil(ed crystals). And arcane dust and reusable parts. (I'm not a very good songwriter.)

2) I considered creating, and re-creating games for one reason only: to get the "Kill Zoltun Kulle" quest from Act 2.

Fortunately this weekend I found an ancient Lion's Claw and Ramaladni's while grouping with Cybrwolf and Bulvine. During a solo bounty run I got my first ever Fist of Az'Turrasq-and it was ancient as well. Plus I was finally able to score that Flow of Eternity from the cube. All of this boosted my damage significantly, and we ran some low 50 Greater Rifts with Cybrwolf's support monk and Bulvine's Hammer of the Ancients barbarian. We topped out at a 53 and finished in around 7:30. Later I solo'd a 40 in about 5 minutes, so I should easily be able to do a 45 soon.

Now all I have to do is upgrade all 6 Ulianna's pieces to ancient with the same single resist. No problem.

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RE: Season 4
I don't play seasons but Patch 2.3 has re-sparked my interest in D3. Ever since ROS launched though, I have played Wizard almost exclusively (other than just leveling my other chars to 70) - but now I have decided to give the Barb a spin since WW Barb was so dominant in late vanilla. Barb once again seems pretty OP, but extremely fun also.

GR 43 seems to be limit for now though, I guess until I find a Focus/Restraint for him. I was able to complete my IK set and obtain an Ancient Gavel of Judgement in about week or so playing time. Pretty insane how fast elite packs just melt from CoA and HoTA.

Kanai's Cube is pretty fucking sweet, though the resource cost on some of the transmutes is a bit excessive (50 forgotten souls to reforge a legendary!).

Played my Crusader again some, though I have a hard time staying interested in the class long enough to find all the set pieces. The char seems to have all the toughness in the world but the damage output (even at lower Torment levels) leaves much to be desired compared to most of the other classes.

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