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"Tristram Theme" In My House Again
05-24-2006, 03:23 AM
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"Tristram Theme" In My House Again
Was quite excited to get a padded envelope in the mail yesterday. Ripped open the package, installed the game, and was not at all surprised when my son said, "Really? That's all there is? I expected the graphics to be cooler."

This, of course, sent me into a discourse about the game's staying power, the dark, creepy mood of the game, and the Lurker Lounge. Nuthin'. Ah well. He's a teenager, whaddya gonna do?

I created a rogue "dotAlice" (I'm naming my characters a la hurricanes this go-round), and played on bnet long enough to complete dlvl1. I held out as long as possible, but the CD wasn't in the drive for 20 minutes before I created "dotBarney(NM)".

I took him to the Butcher on his first visit to the dungeon, then packed it up for the night, clvl7. After work tonight I fired it up and took him down again. Tons of Skeletons, more than I remember in the church. But, equiped with a book of Holy Bolt, they shattered pretty quickly. Plus, putting all of my points into magaic makes the mana pool climb nicely.

The Butcher got one hit on me before he got confused near the stairs - firebolt and it's all good. I went to dlvl3 (somehow creating a post about the Butcher and Leoric is worth my time...anyway) and slowly worked my way around corners looking for Leoric's light radius. I died from a barrel at one point, but it merely gave me a chance to go sell the loot I'd picked up and start buying some Full Mana pots. dotBarney started getting spoiled this way at clvl8 *glug glug*.

I found Leoric hanging out past a gate and behind a wall, but his minions saw me and tried to attack. HB made quick piles of both the skeles and Rotting Carcases. I lit a scroll of Firewall under Leoric and heard him ping-tink a few times before he rushed me and opened the door. He also hit me once during my flight out of his view, but he stayed where he was as I fled.

Offscreen I "looked" for him with HB, and when I found him he attacked but it was basically over before it began: with a 75 MAG and HB slvl2 he was in stunlock as soon as I had him lined up; a few pots later his sword was sticking out of the floor.

I was surprised at how quickly he fell - I remember him as a formidable foe. It's been probably a year since I've created a new character, and 5 months since I'd played. My how time flies. Speaking of which, the kid wants to play his game now.

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"Tristram Theme" In My House Again
Quote:Speaking of which, the kid wants to play his game now.

Yeah, but whose computer is it? Hrm, that would be a good spot for a mischevious smiley if I didn't hate them so potently.

I am going through the same thing in Hellfire about now. Monk, Bard, Barb. I'm having the most fun with the bard. I keep telling myself I will "re-install" HF:Fixed, but sweep attack is really addicting - not to mention two weapons means no blocking. But then again, I'm thristy. See ya

Welcome back to Diablo - it has certainly missed you.

Edit: I got the impression that I was supposed to be impressed with this new edit? I must be missing something.


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