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Welcome to the Lurker Lounge: WoW Edition!
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Welcome to the Lurker Lounge: WoW Edition!
Welcome to the Lurker Lounge: World of Warcraft Edition!

The Lurker Lounge: WoW Edition is a site devoted to intelligent and civil discussion of strategy, tactics, and gameplay issues in the game, World of Warcraft. The Lurker Lounge is not a guild, and we welcome players with any guild affiliation to join in the discussion and post or link to content here.

Forum Guidelines

We attempt to keep the Lurker Lounge forums as safe harbors of intelligent and civil conversation against the raging unintelligible storms that are the official Blizzard forums. Sometimes those new to the Lurker Lounge are intimidated by some of the intense discussions that occur here. Don't be. We want to hear from you. If you want to create a post that Lurkers will appreciate, just follow the following guidelines:
  • Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.<>
  • Have something to say.<>
  • Be respectful of other posters.<>
  • Don't write like a wanker.<>
    [st]Nearly anything related to strategy, tactics, and gameplay issues in the game, World of Warcraft, is fair game on the forums. We encourage anyone who has a discovery or a piece of news that might be of interest to other players to post that information here. Unlike other websites, we have no problem with anyone linking to guides or information hosted on other websites. Some websites would have you believe they're the only one out there, but we don't operate that way.

    While most gameplay issues are fair game, there are a few topics that are inappropriate to discuss here:
    • A discussion of how to use hacks and cheats will earn an immediate ban. A mention that a hack exists to warn Lurkers to watch out for it is fine, but a post that encourages Lurkers to use a hack or cheat will earn the poster an immediate boot from the site.<>
    • Trading related posts are not appropriate here. Trade related discussions tend to attract a bad element, and anyway, that's what the auction house system is for.<>
    • While such discussions are not strictly prohibited, I'll give you fair warning that discussing how you took your level capped character to a newbie zone and ganked everyone there for hours is unlikely to impress anyone here.<>
      [st]Articles and Site Content

      Lurker Lounge content comes from the Lurker Lounge community, and we encourage each Lurker to make a small contribution to the knowledgebase of the whole community. Examples of potential content include: Class guides, PvP guides, guides to individual instances and zones, and discoveries of important game formulae. You don't have to be an expert in all things WoW to write something. Just spend some time experimenting with one small thing and write about that. For example, you could become the expert in "how to get to level 10 as a human the fastest" and write about that.

      The Lurker Lounge Chat Channel and "Guilds"

      The Lurker Lounge is not a guild. Lurkers are free to and even encouraged to find and join guilds on the servers they happen to play on. However, there are many players who come to this site who do not have any affiliation with a guild and would like to play with fellow Lurkers. For these cases, we will provide a list of servers that have a higher than usual number of Lurkers playing on them. Lurkers are further encouraged to join the "Lurkers" chat channel to help fellow Lurkers find each other in the game.

      If a server has enough Lurkers playing on it, the players on that server are welcome to form an in game Lurker Lounge "guild" in order to enable better communication between them. These "guilds" should be considered little more than glorified chat channels, however, and the administration of these "guilds" should reflect their casual nature. Minutia like tabard design, are up to the players on the individual server. For more information on the Lurker Lounge in-game "guilds," please see the Lurker Lounge Chat Channel and In-Game "Guilds" Policies and Guides statement.

      Further Information

      Once again, I would like to welcome you to the Lurker Lounge: World of Warcraft edition, and I hope you enjoy your visit to the site. If you would like more information on the Lurker Lounge please see the Lurker Lounge FAQ.
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