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An Interesting Take on BLM
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RE: An Interesting Take on BLM
(Yesterday 01:39 AM)kandrathe Wrote:  "The gender gap in hourly compensation would vanish if firms did not have a financial incentive to pay employees working 80 hours a week more than twice what they would receive for 40-hour weeks."

This has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with who works more and harder. If you want to eliminate 1.5x-2x pay for overtime, talk to the unions first and see if you leave the room alive. Aside from that, I actually agree with the fact that in certain (not all, mind you) situations, you really SHOULD get 1.5x or more for working overtime. Now, if you work for the government or are in a large union, then often enough this rule gets taken advantage of. However, sometimes people do need to work that many hours and they should be rewarded for it.

The main issue with the so-called gender gap's so-called data is that it does not take professions under consideration and is thereby completely irrelevant and misleading. It is exactly like compairing apples to oranges.

As far as agenda. It does not matter if she has an agenda or hasn't. She is stating facts. Facts which completely destroy the gender so-called gap. People might have agendas. Facts do not.
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